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If you suspect that your spouse is cheating in the Sacramento area, you may be considering hiring the Best Sacramento Private Investigator to spy on him or her to catch them in the act. One thought you may have is to use GPS Vehicle Tracking systems to trace the movements of your spouse’s car. We can help you do this, but first, you must understand what is legal when using GPS to track your spouse.  You are hereby advised to seek legal counsel before using a GPS tracking devise.

To use this legally, you will have to keep in mind that if you don't own or co-own the car, it's illegal to track that car.  . Even law enforcement is limited without a warrant signed by a judge. As a private citizen, you can only use GPS tracking in a car that you own or co-own. In other words, the car title and/or registration must have your name on it, if the title and/or registration also has your spouse’s name it’s still okay.  For this reason, it's wise to use a private investigator. 

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If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you and wish to track the car, you can only do so if you have a part ownership in the car. Private Investigators have many ways that they can track a car and not arouse suspicion by the driver of the car.


If you hire a private investigator they will ask you a lot of questions to get to know you and understand the situation. These questions will help them to determine the best type of GPS to use in the case.


There are many different approaches to tracking a car. Private investigators will be able to determine the best way to go about it so that your spouse doesn't catch on. If someone catches on, they will likely change their habits and dodge the surveillance.

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To avoid this, always consider hiring a professional and ensure that the job is being done right. The professionals will use a comprehensive approach to determine what is going on and they can give you bonafide evidence of the situation so that you will have what you need in court.


Each situation is slightly different and the private investigator will want to go about it to confirm the information that you need. They will have the proper equipment to use to survey the person and to get you the documentation required that you need to show.


If you're just suspicious, you'll want to first confirm what is going on. A private investigator can use your detailed information and find out for sure what is going on.


By adding the right type of GPS to your vehicles you're going to get the right information. If you're wrong, you spouse need never know that you even suspected. This can do a lot to save your relationship.


If you're right, you'll want to know as soon as possible so that you can move forward with your life. By hiring a professional you can use the proper GPS vehicle tracking systems to catch them in the act. All you have to do is hire the professional private investigator and sign the right paperwork.



One of the best techniques to track an individual in the Sacramento area is to simply follow them. This is not recommended for those without experience. Skill is required to follow someone without being detected, and if you attempt to do this yourself, you may be spotted by your spouse, possibly making things worse.

We can attempt to physically track your cheating spouse without detection and document any evidence of cheating. Often, based upon our initial investigation, there is a specific location that a spouse is most likely to be when they are cheating. We can record your spouse and his or her partner on video, together at a suspicious location or simply or expressing inappropriate affection towards each other in public.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, give us a call or complete the form below.   Although using GPS, it will depend upon your particular circumstances. We first analyze your situation, then apply our investigative expertise to determine a comprehensive approach in uncovering the information you need. We can confirm your suspicions or discover if you are wrong, and we can do this without your spouse ever knowing they were under surveillance.

Lance Casey & Associates will only use GPS trackers when the proper GPS Tracking Agreement is signed by the registered owner of the vehicle to be tracked.

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